Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, and Seminary
Eau Claire, WI

2007-12-11– 3 part choral, All mankind fell, Awaken us…

2007 Chapels -
3 part choral, All mankind fell, Awaken us oh Lord, Lirum Lirum


Date : 2007-12-11
Speaker : Professor John Reim
Hymn : TLH 92 : Now Sing We, Now Rejoice link

1. Now sing we, now rejoice, 
Now raise to heaven our voice; 
He from whom joy streameth 
Poor in a manger lies; 
Not so brightly beameth 
The sun in yonder skies. 
Thou my Savior art! 
Thou my Savior art! 

2. Come from on high to me; 
I cannot rise to Thee 
Cheer my wearied spirit, 
O pure and holy Child; 
Through Thy grace and merit, 
Blest Jesus, Lord most mild, 
Draw me unto Thee! 
Draw me unto Thee! 

3. Now through His Son doth shine 
The Father’s grace divine. 
Death o’er us had reigned 
Through sin and vanity; 
He for us obtained 
Eternal joy on high. 
May we praise Him there! 
May we praise Him there! 

4. Oh, where shall joy be found? 
Where but on heavenly ground? 
Where the angels singing 
With all His saints unite, 
Sweetest praises bringing 
In heavenly joy and light. 
Oh, that we were there! 
Oh, that we were there!