Full Time Instructors

Joel A. Gullerud

Joel Gullerud, High School Principal

Departments: English, Mathematics, Band, Social Studies, Spanish
Activities: Flag Football, Pep Band, High School Visitors' Day
Phone: 715-544-8446 (cell)
Email: joel.gullerud@ilc.edu

Mark G. Kranz

Mark Kranz, Athletic Director

Departments: Band, Business, Geography, History, Mathematics
Activities: Pep Band, Softball, Mini Classes
Phone: 715-544-8286
Email: mark.kranz@ilc.edu

Joseph Lau

Joseph Lau, Assistant to the Dean of Students

Departments: Education, English, History, Phy Ed, Social Studies
Activities: Baseball, Basketball, The Flash, Volleyball
Phone: 715-598-4005
Email: joe.lau@ilc.com
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Paul Naumann

Paul Naumann

Departments: Church History, Hebrew, Religion, Theology
Phone: 715-836-6636
Email: paul.naumann@ilc.com

John C. Reim

John Reim

Departments: Music, Languages, Religion
Activities: Tour Choir
Phone: 715-955-4558
Email: john.reim@ilc.edu

David Rodebaugh

David Rodebaugh

Departments: Health, Science, Social Studies
Activities: Banquet Committee, Flag Football, Baseball
Phone: 414-614-8117 (cell)
Email: david.rodebaugh@ilc.edu

Ross H. Roehl

Ross Roehl, IT Manager

Departments: Computer, Education, Mathematics, Phy Ed
Activities: Activities Committee, Baseball, Basketball, Class Day
Phone: 715-836-6635
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Paul W. Schaller

Paul Schaller, Seminary Librarian

Departments: Languages, History, Music, Piano
Activities: The Lance
Phone: 715-955-4559
Email: paul.schaller@ilc.edu

Jeffrey A. Schierenbeck

Jeffrey Schierenbeck

Departments: Education, Mathematics, Science
Activities: Broadcast Club
Phone: 715-497-5841
Email: jeff.schierenbeck@ilc.edu

Steven P. Sippert

Steven Sippert, President

Departments: Theology, Greek, Religion
Activities: Soccer, Student Council
Phone: 715-836-6620
Email: steve.sippert@ilc.edu

Paul L. Sullivan

Paul Sullivan, Dean of Students

Departments: English, Psychology, Religion, Theology
Activities: Crossroads
Home phone: 715-830-0143
Office phone:
Email: paul.sullivan@ilc.edu

John M. Ude

John Ude, Academic Dean

Departments: Education, English, Religion, Theology
Activities: Mission Society, College Visitors' Day
Phone: 715-836-6631
Email: john.ude@ilc.edu
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Part Time Instructors

Kelly Beekman

Email: kelly.beekman@ilc.edu
Department: Art

Karen Johannes

Karen Johannes

Email: karen.johannes@ilc.edu
Departments: Mathematics, Physical Education
Activities: Cheerleading

Laurie Lau

Laurie Lau

Email: music@thelaus.com
Phone: 715-575-8830
Course: Music
Activities: Flute Choir

John K. Pfeiffer

John Pfeiffer

Courses: Church History (Junior, HS) and Pastoral Counseling (Sem)
Phone: 715-864-1932
Email: john.pfeiffer@ilc.edu

Stephen Sydow

Stephen Sydow

Department: History
Phone: 608-879-0011
Email: steve.sydow@ilc.edu
Activities: Cross Country and Track & Field

Additional contact information may be found on the campus directory page.

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