CS101 Project List

Below is listed a tentative list of projects to be completed for the CS101
course. The list is subject to change.



Suggested Approach
Front Page Begin Portfolio Web Site WEB PAGE
Wiki Design and maintain a Wiki  
Blogging Design and maintain a Weblog  
Design a school newsletter PDF
  Produce a bulletin or program folder PDF
Internet External Links to helpful sites PDF & LINKS
  Tips and tricks on the Internet PDF
Digital Cameras Taking digital photos JPEG & TIFF
  Buying the right camera WEB PAGE & LINK
  Online digital camera purchase LINK
Flatbed Scanner Scan and use OCR on an existing document WEB PAGE
  Scan some photos JPEG & TIFF
  Online scanner purchase WEB PAGE & LINK
Video Editing Produce an original 3-5 minute video MPEG & STREAM
Presentations Produce a math related slide show SLIDE SHOW
Hardware Building a computer MPEG
Troubleshooting Basic troubleshooting computer hardware PDF, LINKS
Computer Maintenance Maintaining your computer physically and via
Software Review of Math Related software PDF & LINKS
Graphic Editing Edit digital photos JPEG, GIF, PNG
  Create original logo JPEG, GIF, PNG
Viruses Web page on viruses WEB PAGE & LINKS
Quattro Pro Design grading spreadsheet WEB PAGE
Portfolio Web Site Complete your site HTML
Other projects As suggested by the class TBD