Wellness Policy

Immanuel Lutheran High School Wellness Policy

As a participant in the federally subsidized child nutrition programs (e.g., National School Lunch

Program), Immanuel Lutheran High School is required to establish a local school wellness policy.

Immanuel Lutheran High School (ILHS), is committed to providing school environments that promote and protect children’s health, well-being, and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical activity.

  1. Foods and Beverages Sold on Campus
    1. Meals served through the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs will:
      • be appealing and attractive to children
      • be served in clean and pleasant settings
      • meet, at a minimum, nutrition requirements established by local, state, and federal statutes and regulations.
    2. Students’ free or reduced-price meal status will not be publicized.
    3. During the school day (7:40 am — 2:50 pm), all foods and beverages made available on campus (including vending and canteen) are consistent with the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
    4. At meals, students must be given access to free, potable water.
    5. Foods or beverages will not be used for rewards or punishments.
  2. Healthy Lifestyle Promotion
    1. Comprehensive instruction regarding nutrition and exercise will be included in health and physical education courses. As opportunities arise in other courses, healthy lifestyle choices will be encouraged.
    2. Throughout the year, opportunities for physical activity will be available to the students.
    3. The school will make use of opportunities to promote and instruct about healthy choices through media such as posters.
  3. Monitoring and Policy Review
    1. he head of food service, principal, and school president will review the School Wellness policy on an annual basis. Input will be accepted from students, parents, teachers, and staff.