Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, and Seminary
Eau Claire, WI


Basic Expenses & Fees

Amounts last updated April 2023. Subject to change.
There are two semesters in a school year.

High School
$2,200 sem. / $4,400 yr.
$3,100 sem. / $6,200 yr.
$2,250 sem. / $4,500 yr.
(add for non-CLC Students)
$1,500 / $3000
$2,000 / $4000
Room and Board
$1,750 / $3500
$1,750 / $3500
$1,750 / $3500
Activity Fee
$300 / $600
$100 / $200
$100 / $200
Parking Fee
$75 / $150
$75 / $150
$75 / $150
Piano Fee
$175 / $350
$175 / $350
$175 / $350

*Amounts are listed for semester/year.

Tuition, room & board, and other fees are billed on a semester basis. There are a maximum of ten monthly payments for the school year, beginning with the first day of school (August through May). A $5 late fee will be added to delinquent monthly payments. Any account more than two months in arrears may result in the student's enrollment being terminated. All fees are subject to change without notice. Should a student leave during the school year, charges for tuition and room & board will be prorated.

College department tuition charges as indicated are for full-time students (12 or more credits). Charges for part-time students are 1/12 of full tuition per credit hour.

Some college textbooks for pre-theology and education students will need to be purchased in addition to those rented. These include Greek, Hebrew, and certain other Religion books.

In cases where there are two or more full-time high school and/or college students from one family enrolled, and where there is financial need, the tuition beyond the oldest child may be reduced via a billing credit, provided that the oldest child is still claimed as a dependent for tax purposes by the parent. Application for this family multi-student tuition grant may be made on the Student Aid Fund (SAF) Application Form.


Registration:  First-time students pay a $50 registration fee, which is not refundable. The registration fee for international students is $500.

Athletics:  Students participating in WIAA athletics pay an annual $20/athlete/sport fee.

Graduation:  All graduating students are required to pay a $50 fee to cover the costs of a diploma, cap, and gown.

Transcript:  The registrar, upon request of a student, will send a copy of a transcript where directed. There is no charge for this service.

Audit:  Courses in the college department may be audited, subject to the consent of the academic dean and the instructor. There is no extra tuition charge for full-time students (12 or more credits) who wish to audit a course. For part-time students the charge for auditing is half the normal charge. CLC senior citizens (65 years old and older) may audit courses at no tuition charge.

High school students wishing to take a college course for credit will be charged $25.00 per credit. There is no reduction in the high school tuition.


Please contact Rev. James Sandeen with any questions you may have.

Rev. James Sandeen, Business Manager
Contact the Business Manager

Financial Assistance


Five types of financial assistance are available to CLC members through the ILC Student Aid Fund (SAF).

1. Student loans are available to full-time students in all departments (high school, college, and seminary).

2. Multi-student tuition grants are available to families with more than one student attending Immanuel high school or college. The oldest attending child does not receive the multi-student tuition grant. Seminary students from the family are not considered in the eligibility determination. Award amounts up to one-half of the tuition are based on financial need.

3. Student grants are for those full-time college students who are preparing for the teaching or preaching ministry, and for seminary students.

4. Scholarships based on academic achievement at ILC are awarded to students in all departments.

5. Work-study (campus employment) is available to full-time students in all departments with the exception of high school freshmen. (Average earnings less than $600).

Student Aid brochures and application forms are available from the ILC business office or the ILC website on the Resources page . The following SAF items are available for the high school and college departments: Letter, Brochure, Application, and Financial Worksheet.


Immanuel Lutheran High School participates in the Federal government school breakfast and lunch program. High school students may apply to receive free or reduced breakfasts and lunches through this program. Eligibility is determined by federal guidelines for household income and family size.

Additional information and a printable application can be found on the Resources page under the heading Financial Assistance Forms & Info


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) requires that Immanuel Lutheran College meet certain standards and procedures in connection with those students who receive veterans benefits while attending the college. As such a student, you should know that we intend to meet these requirements fully. Briefly summarized, they are as follows:

We will certify your enrollment to VA at the beginning of each semester, including in such certification the clock hours which you are taking during the semester or any portion thereof.

We will keep an accurate record of your attendance in all classes in order that we may be able to supply VA with any information which it may request relative to your participation in classes. We will also inform VA if you withdraw from the school or from individual courses prior to the end of the semester, including the date of such withdrawal.

Procedures regarding academic records: We will keep a permanent record of your academic progress and will provide you with reports on such progress at the end of each semester. Information on the grading system, minimum grades considered satisfactory, and other academic matters can be found in the college portion of this catalog, in the section entitled Academic Policies. We will inform VA of any course which you have failed, inasmuch as this can have an effect upon the amount of your benefits.

Your academic standing while pursuing a degree program at ILC is defined in the Academic Policies section of this catalog. We will inform VA if you are suspended from the degree program in which you are enrolled, and your educational benefits will be terminated at that point. Evidence of unsatisfactory progress in your degree program occurs within seven calendar days of the announced end of the semester. It is during this time that your grades must be reported to the ILC registrar. Within fourteen days of the announced end of the semester the academic dean will send a letter of notification of unsatisfactory progress and suspension from your degree program to the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. You also will receive a copy of this letter. The end of the semester is indicated on the Academic Calendars published in the ILC Catalog. You should understand that veterans benefits are available to you only if you are successfully pursuing one of the three approved programs: Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Education, or Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Theological Studies.

The school's policy and regulations relating to student conduct and the conditions for dismissal for unsatisfactory conduct can be found in the portion of this catalog entitled Student Life. We will inform VA promptly of such dismissal and the date thereof.

Policies regarding the payment of fees are stated in the Basic Expenses and Fees section of this catalog. The following policies for the refunding of fees are in effect for students who are receiving educational benefits administered by the VA: The non-refundable portion of registration fees will not exceed $10.00. All other charges to the student, including tuition, books, and supplies issued by the school, registration fees in excess of $10.00, and other fees will not exceed the pro-rata portion of total charges that the length of the completed portion of the course bears to the total length of the course. (Cf. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 38, Part 21.4255.)

The academic dean maintains files relative to students receiving veterans' benefits, and he stands ready to advise and assist veterans in receiving benefits for which they may be eligible.