Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, and Seminary
Eau Claire, WI

ILC Library

The High School and College library, located in the Academic Center, contains over 10,000 items of nonfiction, fiction, reference materials, magazines, newspapers, videos and music recordings. It also has an archive of ILC and CLC publications like the Lance yearbook, Flash newspaper, Beacon, Lutheran Spokesman, and Journal of Theology. Most of the resources are searchable via the computer card catalog located at the front desk. Please let the librarian know if you would like assistance of any kind.

Library Hours

Monday – Friday: 10:30 a.m – 4:30 p.m.

Contact Librarian

Dave Rodebaugh can be reached during normal library hours or via email:

Loan Policy

Books: 21 days with one renewal
Audio/Video and back issues of Magazines: 1 week
Reference materials and the most recent issue of a magazine may not be checked out.Fines for library items are $.10/item/day. When the fine amount reaches $4.00, borrowing privileges may be suspended.
Lost Materials: The library will declare an item lost when it is fifty days overdue. Please notify the librarian if you think an item may be lost. Patrons who lose items will be charged the replacement cost in addition to the late fine of up to $5.00/item. If the item is promptly returned after the lost charges have been assigned, the patron will pay a maximum fine of $5.00/item. Should a patron find a lost item after it has been replaced by the library, that item will become the property of the patron.

Multimedia Rooms

The two multimedia rooms adjoining the library provide students the opportunity to do video editing or video conferencing over the internet via Skype.
Video Editing
Four multimedia computers are equipped with video editing software and DVD burners. The library also loans digital video cameras for academic projects.
Video Skype
Two of these computers feature webcams to enable students to visit visually with family and friends at a distance. If you are a parent wondering how you can video conference at home with your student, your computer will need a microphone, a webcam, and speakers or headphones. Visit to download the software and set up an account. It's free to use and free to talk! Please contact the librarian or Prof. Ross Roehl if you have questions.

Request Resources

The ILC library exists to support both the teaching and learning that takes place at Immanuel. If you have a request for resources, materials, or a suggestion of how Immanuel's library can serve you or your classroom better, please contact the librarian.