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Associate of Arts  |  Bachelor of Science in Education
Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Theological Studies  |  Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts program involves two years of training in the liberal arts. It serves not only those individuals who complete their college education at the end of two years but also those who transfer to other institutions of higher learning. By taking their first two years at ILC, such students receive the benefit of a Christ-centered education in the critical early years of their college training. Moreover, the smaller class sizes at ILC promote student involvement and thereby enhance learning.

Frequently a number of high-school graduates and adults take religion or other courses at ILC without committing themselves to a degree program. Such special students are always welcome, whether they take one course or many. The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire , the University of Wisconsin-Stout, and Chippewa Valley Technical College have agreed to accept the transfer of up to 72 credits earned by students at ILC. Other colleges and universities have their own policies and procedures with respect to accepting ILC's credits. Some students have been able to transfer many of their ILC credits to schools elsewhere in Wisconsin and other states. The academic dean at ILC stands ready to advise students with regard to the selection of courses and the transferring of credits.

Bachelor of Science in Education

The future of a church body depends largely upon the proper Christian training of its children. Teachers in Lutheran elementary schools can perform an important work by assisting parents and congregations in providing such training.

The Bachelor of Science program provides a complete training for those men and women preparing for teaching in the elementary schools of the Church of the Lutheran Confession. The students take courses in general subject areas and in professional education.

Several opportunities are provided for students enrolled in the education program to experience teaching in real elementary classrooms. During the sophomore year, education students spend ten hours each semester observing in selected schools to become acquainted with the way children act in the school setting and to observe professional teachers in action. Education 403 involves students in the weeks just prior to school opening as well as the first three weeks of the school year. Education 404 allows the student to teach a second time for one quarter.

Students who enroll in the Bachelor of Science program should have completed the following high-school mathematics courses, or their equivalent: Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry. Background in Chemistry and Physics is desirable. Anyone who wishes to enter this program but who has not met the mathematics requirement should contact the academic dean for further information.

All students in the Bachelor of Science program are required to take a minimum of two semesters of instruction in Piano or Organ. Those who do not meet the requirements of Keyboard I and II after these two semesters shall normally be required to take up to three additional semesters to complete the work.

Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Theological Studies

Until the end of time there will be need for pastors to serve as shepherds of Christian congregations. Those who have considered such a calling should be encouraged by the words of Holy Scripture: "This is a faithful saying: If a man desires the position of a bishop, he desires a good work" (1 Tim. 3:1).

The four-year Bachelor of Arts program prepares students for entrance into Immanuel Lutheran Seminary. The courses provide them with a broad liberal-arts training and a working knowledge of Greek and Hebrew, the languages in which the Bible was written.

Students with special interests in particular subject areas - such as social studies, mathematics, and science - may pursue these interests through elective courses. Students intending to enter the Bachelor of Arts program are encouraged to take a foreign language during their high school years. Spanish is offered as part of the curriculum. German is presently available under directed study.

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

A deeper knowledge and understanding of God’s word should be the desire of all Christians. The primary purpose of the Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies program is to provide a well-rounded education in the study of Holy Scripture. The program is designed to accommodate both male and female students interested in a liberal arts degree with particular emphasis on religion. Available electives will allow students to pursue additional areas of personal interest, including language study. This degree also enables students to enter postgraduate work in some fields at other institutions of higher learning. By taking their first four years at ILC, such students receive the benefit of a Christ-centered education in their college training.

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