Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, and Seminary
Eau Claire, WI

Seminary Admission

Entrance Requirements

In addition to communicant membership in a CLC congregation, the entrance requirement for seminary enrollment is graduation from the B.A. program of Immanuel Lutheran College or graduation from a four-year college (B.A. or B.S. degree) with additional ILC course work done mainly in the areas of biblical  Greek, Hebrew, and religion. The required courses outlined below shall ordinarily be taken at Immanuel Lutheran College and can be completed in two consecutive school years.

Greek 101-102 and Greek 203-204
Hebrew 101-102 and Hebrew 203-204
Greek 305-306 or Greek 407-408
Religion 101-102 and Religion 203-204
Religion 305-306 and Religion 407-408
Education Methods 326
English 207
(or transfer equivalent from another college)



All incoming students must state their intent of entering the seminary by completing the ILC Registration Form (available from the ILC Office or seminary dean) and submitting it to the ILC Office by June 30.

All applicants must be able to verify successful completion of prerequisite college work (see Entrance Requirements above). This is officially done through the receipt or transfer of final student transcripts.

All applications for seminary enrollment are to be approved by the seminary admissions committee, whose considerations will include a recommendation either from the ILC Committee for the Evaluation of Pre-theological Students or from the applicant's CLC pastor. In some cases an interview with the applicant may be requested. The seminary admissions committee will consist of the ILC president, the dean of the seminary, and the academic dean of the college.