Lancer “Hoop It Up” Shooting Program

To improve yourself as a shooter requires good, consistent, quality practice. To help yourself become a better shooter, consider taking part in the Lancer “Hoop It Up” Shooting Program Challenge.

The Lancer “Hoop It Up” Shooting Challenge Form has links on which you can record your daily efforts as well as submit your monthly results.

This challenge is open to all boys and girls from 3rd-8th grades. Reaching the goals below will result in you not only becoming a better shooter, but also being recognized at halftime of a Lancer basketball game as well as receiving a Lancer “Hoop It Up” shirt. Reaching the 10,000 Shots Made level entitles you to a hooded sweatshirt and halftime recognition of your efforts.

3rd-4th grades: 1,000 shots made
5th-6th grades: 2,000 shots made

7th-8th grades: 5,000 shots made
Others may choose to participate without expectation of public recognition.

Learn more at: Lancer “Hoop It Up” Shooting Challenge Form

Questions should be directed to Professor Ross Roehl.