“Shadows and Substance” Bible Class

Click here to view a PDF of the booklet, “Shadows and Substance,” by Pastor John Schierenbeck.

Between September of 2021 and May of 2022, Pastor Emeritus John Schierenbeck presented his adult instruction class, "Shadows and Substance," as part of the area Bible class effort of Messiah Lutheran Church, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Find videos of Pastor Schierenbeck's presentations below.
DateTitleVideo of the Class (link)
9/15/2021Lesson 1video
9/22/2021Lesson 2video
9/29/2021Lesson 3video
10/6/2021Lesson 4video
10/13/2021Lesson 5, Part 1video
10/27/2021Lesson 5, Part 2video
10/3/2021Lesson 6video
10/10/2021Lesson 7, Part 1video
10/17/2021Lesson 7, Part 2video
1/19/2022Lesson 8, Part 1video
1/19/2022Lesson 8, Part 2video
1/26/2022Lesson 8, Part 3video
2/9/2022Lesson 9, Part 2video
2/16/2022Lesson 10video
2/23/2022Lesson 10 Part 2video
4/20/2022Lesson 10 Part 3video
4/27/2022Lesson 11video
5/4/2022Lesson 11 Part 2video
5/4/2022Lesson 11 Part 3 video
5/11/2022Lesson 12 Part 1video
5/18/2022Lesson 12 Part 2video