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2008-09-17 ILC Chapel — Let us be like Nathaniel,…

Let us be like Nathaniel, leave guile behind, and follow Jesus


Date : 2008-09-17
Speaker : Professor Paul Schaller

John 1:49 (Listen)

49 Nathanael answered him, “Rabbi, you are the Son of God! You are the King of Israel!” (ESV)

Hymn : TLH 130 st. 1,5,6: O Jesus, King of Glory link

1. O Jesus, King of Glory,
Both David’s Lord and Son!
Thy realm endures forever,
In heaven is fixed Thy throne.
Help that in earth’s dominions,
Throughout from pole to pole,
Thy reign may spread salvation
To each benighted soul.

5. Ah, look on me with pity
Though I am weak and poor;
Admit me to Thy kingdom
To dwell there, blest and sure.
I pray Thee, guide and keep me
Safe from my bitter foes,
From sin and death and Satan;
Free me from all my woes.

6. And bid Thy Word within me
Shine as the fairest star;
Keep sin and all false doctrine
Forever from me far.
Help me confess Thee truly
And with Thy Christendom
Here own Thee King and Savior
And in the world to come.

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