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Eau Claire, WI

2012-09-10 ILC Chapel — God makes us all fishers…

2012 Chapels -
God makes us all fishers of men by giving us His Word to spread the Gospel.


Date : 2012-09-10
Speaker : Professor Paul Schaller

Matthew 4:19–20 (Listen)

19 And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”1 20 Immediately they left their nets and followed him.


[1] 4:19 The Greek word anthropoi refers here to both men and women


Hymn: TLH 421, st. 1,3,5: Come Follow me, the Savior Spake Organ Audio

1. Come, follow me, the Savior spake,
All in My way abiding;
Deny yourselves, the world forsake,
Obey My call and guiding.
Oh, bear the cross, whate’er betide,
Take my example for your guide.

3. My heart abounds in lowliness,
My soul with love is glowing,
And gracious words my lips express,
With meekness overflowing.
My heart, My mind, My strength, My all,
To God I yield, on Him I call.

5. Then let us follow Christ, our Lord,
And take the cross appointed
And, firmly clinging to His Word,
In suffering be undaunted.
For who bears not the battle’s strain
The crown of life shall not obtain.