Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, and Seminary
Eau Claire, WI

2012-11-08 ILC Chapel — We confess our failures to…

2012 Chapels -
We confess our failures to the LORD and pray for the cleansing blood of Chirst.


Date : 2012-11-08
Speaker : John Pfeiffer

Matthew 6:12 (Listen)

12   and forgive us our debts,
    as we also have forgiven our debtors.


Hymn: TLH 324, st. 5,6 :
Jesus Sinners Doth Receive — Organ Audio

5. I, a sinner, come to Thee
With a penitent confession;
Savior, mercy show to me
Grant for all my sins remission.
Let these words my soul relieve:
Jesus sinners doth receive.

6. Oh, how blest it is to know;
Were as scarlet my transgression,
It shall be as white as snow
By Thy blood and bitter Passion:
For these words I now believe:
Jesus sinners doth receive.