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Eau Claire, WI

2015-04-22 ILC Chapel — A Wise Person Is Cautious

2015 Chapels -
A Wise Person Is Cautious


Date : 2015-04-22
Speaker : John Pfeiffer

Proverbs 14:16 (Listen)

16   One who is wise is cautious1 and turns away from evil,
    but a fool is reckless and careless.


[1] 14:16 Or fears [the Lord]


Hymn: TLH 51 :
Now May He Who from the Dead — Organ Audio

1. Now may He who from the dead
Brought the Shepherd of the sheep,
Jesus Christ, our King and Head,
All our souls in safety keep!

2. May He teach us to fulfill
What is pleasing in His sight,
Perfect us in all His will,
And preserve us day and night!

3. To that dear Redeemer’s praise,
Who the covenant sealed with blood,
Let our hearts and voices raise
Loud thanksgivings to our God.