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2017-05-08 ILC Chapel — Forgiveness In Christ’s Sacrifice Is…

2017 Chapels -
Forgiveness In Christ’s Sacrifice Is the Only Escape from Our Sin


Date : 2017-05-08
Speaker : Retired Professor John Pfeiffer

Hymn: LSB 609, st. 6-7: Jesus Sinners Doth Receive

6. Now my conscience is at peace;
From the Law I stand acquitted.
Christ hath purchased my release
And my ev’ry sin remitted.
Naught remains my soul to grieve:
Jesus sinners doth receive.

7. Jesus sinners doth receive;
Also I have been forgiven;
And when I this earth must leave,
I shall find an open heaven.
Dying, still to Him I cleave:
Jesus sinners doth receive.