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2018-01-10 ILC Chapel — Hezekiah trusted God’s Word. Let…

2018 Chapels -
Hezekiah trusted God’s Word. Let us follow his example. God’s promises are trustworthy.


Date : 2018-01-10
Speaker : David Lau

2 Chronicles 32:27–30 (Listen)

27 And Hezekiah had very great riches and honor, and he made for himself treasuries for silver, for gold, for precious stones, for spices, for shields, and for all kinds of costly vessels; 28 storehouses also for the yield of grain, wine, and oil; and stalls for all kinds of cattle, and sheepfolds. 29 He likewise provided cities for himself, and flocks and herds in abundance, for God had given him very great possessions. 30 This same Hezekiah closed the upper outlet of the waters of Gihon and directed them down to the west side of the city of David. And Hezekiah prospered in all his works.


Hymn: WS 759 :
These Are the Facts