2018 Formal Dinner Theme

Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, and Seminary
Eau Claire, WI

2018 Formal Dinner Videos

The ILC Activities Committee decided to try the Formal Dinner during the first semester, and “A Red Carpet Formal” went incredibly well. The pictures show the results of their efforts from the Hollywood photo spot to the genre themed tables and overhead lights. You’ll also see the faculty, staff, and spouses who cooked (Dave Rodebaugh) and served the meal. Noah Sydow was the emcee and read the Legend of the Emerald Knight and Chrystal Princess after which the Royal Court, as voted on by the students, was crowned. The highlight of the evening, beside the Kahoot! on Disney movies, was the showing of 11 movie trailers starring Anthony “Garebear” Garibay and created by Sam Radermacher, one for each movie genre assigned to the tables. Try to imagine a room of 76 high school students all going suddenly completely quiet when each trailer came on screen. Hard to visualize? That’s what happened. You should be able to watch for yourselves and see why no one wanted to miss any part of them. It could be one of those things that you need to be a high schooler at Immanuel now, but we still think you will enjoy them. Professor Paul Schaller, in his last year as a professor at Immanuel, began the evening with prayer and ended it by leading the singing of the Alma Mater. As a bonus, “The Archivist”, a movie produced by Dan Gullerud in honor of the retirement of David Lau, was shown for those wanted to stick around. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, one of the best in memory.


2018 Formal Dinner Photos:

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