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2020-01-29 ILC Chapel — You Can Rejoice in Your…

2020 Chapels -
You Can Rejoice in Your Opportunities to Worship


Date : 2020-01-29
Speaker : Professor Daniel Schierenbeck
Psalm 122:1
I was glad when they said to me,
“Let us go into the house of the Lord.”

Hymn: TLH 2, st. 1,2,6,7: To Thy Temple I Repair Organ Audio

1. To Thy temple I repair; 
Lord, I love to worship there 
When within the veil I meet 
Christ before the mercy-seat. 

2. I through Him am reconciled, 
I through Him become Thy child. 
Abba, Father, give me grace 
In Thy courts to seek Thy face. 

6. While Thy ministers proclaim 
Peace and pardon in Thy name, 
Through their voice, by faith, may I 
Hear Thee speaking from the sky. 

7. From Thy house when I return, 
May my heart within me burn 
And at evening let me say, 
“I have walked with God today.”