Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, and Seminary
Eau Claire, WI

Cell Phone-Free Day

Immanuel is using Wednesday, January 22 as a “Cell Phone Free School Day.”

  • Town students will either leave their phone at home or drop it off at the GBO front desk to be picked up after school.
  • Resident students will drop their phones off at the dorm parents’ office or at the GBO front desk to be picked up after school .
  • Although teachers and staff are required to carry their phones by the Safety Officer throughout the day in case of emergency, they will not use them.
  • No student will be required to participate but each should consider why they would not try to get through the seven plus hours of one day without their phone. There will be no reward other than being able to say you did it!

As has always been the case, any student who needs to contact someone off campus can come use the office phone. Anyone who needs to contact a student can call the office and we will immediately get the student from class or pass a message along as appropriate.

The links below are a presentation done by a former Immanuel student as well as talks about cell phones and the effect they are having on us. We strongly encourage you to watch at least the first two; the last one is a favorite, but 13 minutes long.

Cassidy Noeldner Slide Show

Addiction to Technology is Ruining Lives

Addition: School Districts Banning Cell Phones

How Do Cell Phones Impact our Relationships

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