Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, and Seminary
Eau Claire, WI

DB Tuesday, 5/7


“Any concern too small to be turned into a prayer is too small to be made into a burden.” -Corrie Ten Boom


Lunch Today: Lemon Chicken

Supper: Tacos

Lunch Tomorrow: Chicken Penne Italiano



Baseball Players: Your leave time for today has changed to 2:30 p.m. You are expected to attend class until you are excused at 2:20 p.m.



Wednesday, 5/8/19:

  • 7:00 p.m. sign-in
  • 7:00 p.m. evening chapel
  • 7:30 p.m. Spring Piano & Organ Recital



Lunch Survey: All students, faculty, & staff – please respond ASAP to the questionnaire sent via email regarding lunch on Monday, May 13. I need to know BY TOMORROW if you will be eating here. The meal is FREE – main course from Famous Dave’s. Whether you are joining us or not, please respond promptly!

ILHS Athletics Live Streaming: Due to a recent change in YouTube policy, we will be unable to continue broadcasting off-site athletic events UNLESS we have over 1000 subscribers (we are currently at 400).  If you would like to subscribe, search “ilcvideos” in YouTube, click on the first result (you will see the school seal), then click the red ‘Subscribe’ button.

There is no cost involved; you might simply receive a notification when a new video has been posted, which is pretty handy. ? You don’t ever have to watch a live or recorded event if you don’t want to, but you do help us get closer to the required 1000 followers which will allow us to live stream for those who do wish to watch. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Please pass this on to anyone else who you think might be willing to subscribe. Thanks for your help!

Banquet Photos: Here is the link to all of the pictures the photographers took before the students left for Banquet, and at the After-Banquet party. The password is: Dress (Please note – the password is case-sensitive.) If you would like a copy of any of the pictures, you can download them to a device for free. Nicole Lang currently has a free trial to this website for the next 12 days, so if you would like a copy of any of the pictures, please download them soon! If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Lang at

Seeking TVBS Volunteers: The TVBS committee has finalized our list of trips for this summer. We will be going to California, Michigan, Nebraska, Washington, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are now in need of volunteers to ensure we can make these trips possible. If you are interested in volunteering and would like more information, please go to our website: You will find information about the trips, this year’s theme, and a registration form. If you have any questions you may use the ‘contact us’ link.

Help Wanted: Paid ILC janitorial restroom cleaning job during the summer. Please contact Mr. Heinze for further information at: or text 715-456-7194.

Lost & Found IOUs need to be paid by Malaena, Kaitlyn, Sam R., and Hannah.


UNEXCUSED ABSENCE/TARDY: The following have been reported as unexcused for tardiness or absence in a class from the previous school day. To get excused you must see Prof. Gullerud or provide a valid excuse to the office before 4:00 p.m. today or you might be serving detention next week.

MONDAY: Connor Sullivan (T/4 Alg)   Joscelyn Wirth (T/4 Alg)





Track & Field

Tues, 5/7

3:00-4:30 4:30-6:00 Mel/Min – A

Lv. 2:30

5:00-6:30 6:00-7:30
Wed, 5/8 3:00-4:30 4:30-6:00 TBD 5:00-6:30

6:00-7:00 Memorial

Thur, 5/9

3:00-4:30 4:30-6:00 TBD Alma/Pepin – H

ILHS 4:30


Lv. 2:40

Fri, 5/10 Blair-Taylor Dblhdr

Lv 3:45 for Gelein

Blair-Taylor Dblhdr

Lv. 3:45 for Carson

Elk Mound – H

ILHS 4:30

3:00 Party @ Carson

Sat, 5/11

Off Colfax – A

Lv. 8:20

Off 8:00-10:00 Memorial
Sun, 5/12 2:30-4:00 Off Off




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