Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, and Seminary
Eau Claire, WI

School News 12/14/21

Love caused your incarnation; Love brought You down to me. Your thirst for my salvation procured my liberty.

Oh, love beyond all telling that let You to embrace in love, all love excelling, our lost and fallen race.

Rejoice, then, you sad-hearted, who sit in deepest gloom, who mourn o’er joys departed and tremble at your doom.

Despair not; He is near you, He’s standing at the door Who best can help and cheer you and bids you weep no more.

– WS 704 v.4-5


 Tuesday   Soup & Sandwich/Breakfast for Supper
 Wednesday   Teriyaki Chicken/Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup *Early Supper*
 Thursday   French Bread Pizza/Leftovers
 Friday   Taco Salad/Pizza *Early Supper*


Boys CA 9 study session today at 1:00 pm in AC111.


Brass Players for “Joy to the World” please bring your instruments to choir rehearsal today.

Algebra I study session today at 4:00 pm in AC121.


History 211 study session Wednesday in I21 at 2:30 pm.


Wednesday schedule: Early study hall from 2:45 – 4:25 pm, early supper at 4:45 pm, bus to Messiah leaves at 6:00 pm, stay at Messiah after church for choir rehearsal at 7:45 pm.


The Annual Christmas Party will take place Thursday night at 7:00 pm in the gym. Come down for games, food, and a special candlelight service. If anyone would like to bring treats for this event, please drop them off at the office this week.


Crossroads Submissions: Crossroads submissions are due Friday. Just like last quarter, we would love to see any form of art that you have. You can even submit poetry, stories, and art that you are already making for class . . . Thanks, everyone!


Finals Week Meals:  This week Breakfast will be at 7:00 am (starts today), and there will be NO Breakfast on the Go. Also – you must sign up for meals during finals – for both Lunch & Supper the day PRIOR. The sign up sheets are outside the Dining Hall, indicating what will be served for each meal. Please be sure to sign up ONLY IF YOU ARE EATING HERE (not just in case!)

Christmas Break info: The last meal served before the Christmas recess is continental breakfast in the dorms on Saturday morning. The dorms close at noon on Saturday, 12/18/21. The dorms open again at noon on Sunday, 1/9/21, and the first meal served is supper that evening. Resident high-school students must sign in by 9:50 pm that Sunday evening (no evening chapel; no study hall). Classes resume at 7:40 am on Monday, 1/10/21.

Elective Changes: If you would like to make a change to your elective classes for second semester, please speak to Prof. Gullerud in person before Friday, December 17. Making a change to your elective classes requires the permission of the teacher(s), a parent, and Prof. Gullerud, so please plan ahead.


Basketball Schedule

Girls Boys V  Boys JV&C
 Tuesday, 12/14  3:00-4:30  4:30-6:00  6:00-7:30



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