Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, and Seminary
Eau Claire, WI

School News 12/17/20

Love caused Your incarnation; Love brought You down to me. Your thirst for my salvation procured my liberty. Oh, love beyond all telling, that led You to embrace in love, all love excelling, our lost and fallen race. 

Rejoice, then, you sad-hearted, who sit in deepest gloom, who mourn o’er joys departed and tremble at your doom. Despair not; He is near you He’s standing at the door Who best can help and cheer you and bids you weep no more. – WS 704 vs. 4-5


Lunch Today – Lemon Chicken

Early Supper at 4:45 – Leftovers

Lunch Tomorrow – Taco Salad


Watch today’s Chapel Address


>>>Congratulations to Eau Claire Immanuel, the division winner of the 2020 Fall WIAA State Volleyball Sportsmanship Award!!<<<

“Award winners are determined by the conduct and sportsmanship displayed by athletes, coaches, cheer groups, mascots, bands and spectators. The winners receive a trophy and banner. This is a very special award !!! How about those Lancers!!!! Congratulations, Rich Roginski – Dairyland Conference Commissioner/Athletic Director”

The Annual Christmas Party begins at 5:30 pm. There will be games, an ugly sweater contest, food & drinks, the traditional special candle light service, a White Elephant gift exchange, and a movie. We look forward to seeing you all there! Here’s the fine print for dorm students: Chapel will be the candle light service at 7:30 pm, attendance is required as usual. Those who do not attend the rest of the party have an off campus free night and must be in the dorm by 9:50 pm. Those attending the party can stay until the end of the movie if it runs long but no later than 10:30.

Band Concert tomorrow at 6:00 (by invitation only), followed by the Choir Concert at 7:00.

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Finals Week Reminders from the Kitchen

1.  Breakfast is at 7am

2.  There is NO Breakfast on the Go during Finals!

3.  Lunch is at 11:30

4.  You MUST sign up for LUNCH & SUPPER meals during Finals.  PLEASE only sign the sheet if you actually will be eating here…NOT JUST IN CASE!

5.  Altered supper times are as follows: Wednesday (church) 5:15, Thursday (Christmas Party) 4:45, Friday (Concert) 4:45

6.  If you will need a breakfast to go on Saturday, Dec 19th please sign up outside the dining hall by Friday. If you sign up your breakfast will be with your dorm parent on Saturday morning.

Campus Parking During Upcoming Break: If you are leaving or parking a vehicle on campus over the upcoming break please park your vehicle in the north row of the upper lot (row closest to the road by the pole and fire hydrant). If that row is filled up please use the lower lot east row (by the road coming down the hill).

Christmas Choir Concert: This year we are doing something unique – the Christmas concert will be held OUTSIDE!!! The forecast gives us the expectation that God’s going to keep this unseasonable warmth going and provide the opportunity to sing without masks! Also, no need to wear the traditional black and white – bundle up in your best warm weather gear, be as stylish or as non-descript as you desire, and prepare to create a really unique and special experience for your guests. The concert begins at 7:00 pm Friday. Guests: bundle up and bring blankets if you so desire. If convenient, bring your own seating but chairs can be provided for those who need them. Please maintain 6 feet between household groups and either RSVP using this Google form for contact tracing purposes, or sign in at the Commons entrance when you arrive.

Dorm Info: The last meal served before the Christmas recess is breakfast in the dorms on Saturday morning for those who signed up. The dorms close at noon on Saturday, 12/17/20. The dorms open again at noon on Sunday, 1/10/21, and the first meal served is supper that evening. High school dorm students must sign in by 9:50 pm Sunday evening (no chapel or study hall). Classes resume for all departments on Monday, 1/11/21 at 7:40 am.

The 2nd Semester class schedule is now available on the ILC website.


Lost & Found Reclaim!

Time is running out to collect long lost items. On Thursday, December 17, all items in the Lost & Found area will be available for anyone on campus to buy. On Friday, December 18, remaining items will be collected and then donated to a charitable organization. There are still nice items to be claimed: shoes, hoodies, blankets, and more. PLEASE HURRY to the Lost & Found Department in the Dean’s Office.

Thursday, December 17 – Open sale at $1.00 per item, with first come first served

Friday, December 18 – All remaining items will be donated to a charitable organization



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