Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, and Seminary
Eau Claire, WI

School News 3/30/22

Do not say, “I will repay evil “; Wait for the LORD, and He will save you. – Proverbs 20:22

Week 4 Lunch/Supper
 Wednesday   BBQ Meatballs/Hamburgers
 Thursday   Chili & Salad/Tater Tot Hotdish 
 Friday   Swedish Meatballs/Leftovers 


Early Supper Today! (See below)


Tour Choir will meet as regularly scheduled to prepare for the recording session tonight which will take place at Messiah from 8:00-10:00pm. If you need a ride please speak with Prof. Gullerud.


Lent Service at 6:30 pm at Messiah. Bus leaves at 6:05 pm.


ACT Prep Session Friday in AC130 at 12:30pm.


BUNCO Night Come on down to the cafeteria at 8:00pm this Friday night for some Bunco fun. It takes seconds to learn and is easy to play. No strategy involved, just fast-paced action that’s kind of exciting. Prices awarded in different categories. Stop by and join us!


The Regional Solo and Ensemble Music Festival will be held on Saturday at Fall Creek High School from 8:00am-4:00pm. The performance times for Immanuel’s musicians will be shared when available.


The ACT will be conducted this Saturday.


Movie Night this Saturday beginning at 8:00pm in the gym.


For the remainder of the year, supper will be at 4:45 pm every day except Saturday, which will remain at 4:30 pm. This change is to accommodate various Spring activities.


Student Workers: come pick up your paychecks in the office!


Want to work outdoors? Ron Erickson Excavation & Landscaping is looking for summer workers to do landscaping work. The starting wage is $15.00/hr and he is willing to work with most any schedule – after school hours, not until school is over in May, etc. If interested, please contact Ron by April 6th at 715-828-9022.


Senior Week in the dining hall will be NEXT week, April 4 – 8. Watch for a fun activity about the seniors and win treats! Along with seniors getting to pick their favorite meals they get a few other perks . . .

1. They can cut to the front of the line (behind band & kitchen workers)

2. They get an “extra” serving of the main entrée when they first come through the line.

3. They will get an extra ‘treat’ for seniors only (cookies, ice cream, ??)


Practice Schedule

 Softball   Baseball  Track  Robotics
 Wednesday, 3/30 3:00-4:00 Off 4:00-5:00 8:00-9:30
Thursday, 3/31 3:00-4:30  4:30-6:00  6:00-7:30 8:00-9:30
Friday, 4/1 Augusta (A)

Lv. 3:25

 4:30-6:00  Off 8:00-9:30
 Saturday, 4/2   Thorp (A) 

Lv. 1:15

 Sunday, 4/3 Off  6:00-7:30p


Rehearsal Schedule

 Time  What?  Whom?
 Wed, 3/30  3:00-4:30  Act 2, Scene 1  Father, Mother, Betty, Bud, Kathy, Ralph, Patty, Brinkworth, Repair Man
 Thur, 3/31  3:00-4:30  Act 2, Scene 2  Everyone
Sun, 4/3  4:00-5:45  Speed Through  Everyone



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