Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, and Seminary
Eau Claire, WI

Valentine’s Day Challenge

Steal Her Heart . . . If You Can!


This Friday, February 14, Valentine’s Day, the boys of Immanuel will find out if they are as charming as they think they are. Each high school and college girl should stop by the office before first hour to receive a paper heart with their name on it. They are to wear the heart pinned on all day or until they lose it to some charming boy. During school time hours (see below), the boys will try to charm the girls into talking to them and thus, “stealing their heart.” Any girl who talks to a boy must give her heart to that boy who will pin it to his shirt and wear it for the remainder of the day.



  • “Stealing Time”


    1. 7:40-2:50 excluding the following times:
      1. All class time between the bells.
      2. Chapel, from the time you enter the gym to the time you leave the gym.
    2. All other times (between classes, during lunch, etc.) are stealing times!



  • Rules


    1. Boys should not be insulting or degrading – be dashing and debonair!
    2. No physical contact of any kind should be made.
    3. Any type of audible response or communication by girls is considered grounds for losing her heart.
    4. Girls, be good sports and cheerfully turn your heart over when you’ve “swooned” for a boy.
    5. Boys must wear any captured hearts pinned on for the day.



  • End of the Day


    1. At 2:50, the boys should stop by the office to show just how much of a heart throb they are by turning in the hearts they’ve stolen.
    2. The guy with the most hearts will be declared the “Heart Throb of the Year” and will earn Canteen credit for his efforts.
    3. Some other dashing gentlemen who have stolen hearts will also be rewarded with Canteen credit for their efforts.
    4. Any girl who still has her heart should also report to the office. Her heart will be entered into a drawing for sweets from the Canteen.

Let’s have some fun with this!

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