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2011-04-13 ILC Chapel — Despite turmoil and troubles, the…

2011 Chapels -
Despite turmoil and troubles, the saints of God will inherit the kingdom through Christ.


Date : 2011-04-13
Speaker : Professor David Lau

Daniel 7:15–22 (Listen)

Daniel’s Vision Interpreted

15 “As for me, Daniel, my spirit within me1 was anxious, and the visions of my head alarmed me. 16 I approached one of those who stood there and asked him the truth concerning all this. So he told me and made known to me the interpretation of the things. 17 ‘These four great beasts are four kings who shall arise out of the earth. 18 But the saints of the Most High shall receive the kingdom and possess the kingdom forever, forever and ever.’

19 “Then I desired to know the truth about the fourth beast, which was different from all the rest, exceedingly terrifying, with its teeth of iron and claws of bronze, and which devoured and broke in pieces and stamped what was left with its feet, 20 and about the ten horns that were on its head, and the other horn that came up and before which three of them fell, the horn that had eyes and a mouth that spoke great things, and that seemed greater than its companions. 21 As I looked, this horn made war with the saints and prevailed over them, 22 until the Ancient of Days came, and judgment was given for the saints of the Most High, and the time came when the saints possessed the kingdom.


[1] 7:15 Aramaic within its sheath


Hymn: TLH 13, st. 1,3,5: Before Jehovah’s Aweful Throne Organ Audio

1. Before Jehovah’s awe-full throne,
Ye nations, bow with sacred joy.
Know that the Lord is God alone;
He can create and He destroy.

3. We are His people, we His care,
Our souls and all our mortal frame.
What lasting honors shall we rear,
Almighty Maker, to Thy name?

5. Wide as the world is Thy command,
Vast as eternity Thy love;
Firm as a rock Thy truth must stand
When rolling years shall cease to move.