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2014-02-14 ILC Chapel — Don’t dabble with the devil

2014 Chapels -
Don’t dabble with the devil


Date : 2014-02-14
Speaker : John Ude

1 Samuel 28:7 (Listen)

Then Saul said to his servants, “Seek out for me a woman who is a medium, that I may go to her and inquire of her.” And his servants said to him, “Behold, there is a medium at En-dor.”


Hymn: TLH 444, st. 4 :
Rise! To Arms! With Prayer Employ You — Organ Audio

4. Jesus, all Thy children cherish
And keep them that they never perish
Whom Thou hast purchased with Thy blood.
Let new life to us be given
That we may look to Thee in heaven
Whenever fearful is our mood.
Thy spirit on us pour
That we may love Thee more–
Hearts o’erflowing;
And then will we
Be true to Thee
In death and life eternally. Amen.