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2021-04-07 ILC Chapel — There is None Like YOU,…

2021 Chapels -
There is None Like YOU, O Lord.


Date : 2021-04-07
Speaker : David Lau
Jeremiah 10:6-7
There is none like You, O Lord
(You are great, and Your name is great in might),
Who would not fear You, O King of the nations?
For this is Your rightful due.
For among all the wise men of the nations,
And in all their kingdoms,
There is none like You.

Hymn: TLH 221, st. 3,5,6 :
Hark! Ten Thousand Harps and Voices — Organ Audio

3. Sing how Jesus came from heaven,
How He bore the cross below,
How all power to Him is given,
How He reigns in glory now;
‘Tis a great and endless theme,
Oh, ’tis sweet to sing of Him!

5. King of Glory, reign forever;
Thine an everlasting crown.
Nothing from Thy love shall sever
Those whom Thou hast made Thine own,
Happy objects of Thy grace,
Destined to behold Thy face.

6. Savior, hasten Thine appearing;
Bring, oh, bring, the glorious day
When, the awe-full summons hearing,
Heaven and earth shall pass away;
Then with golden harps we’ll sing,
“Glory, glory, to our King!”