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2023-03-07 ILC Chapel — Jonah’s Distress Call On the…

2023 Chapels -
Jonah’s Distress Call On the Sea of Life


Date : 2023-03-07
Speaker : John Ude
Jonah 2:1-2
Then Jonah prayed to the Lord his God from the stomach of the fish, and he said,

“I called out of my distress to the Lord,
And He answered me.
I cried for help from the depth of Sheol;
You heard my voice.”

Hymn: TLH 456, st. 1,3,5 : Approach, my Soul, the Mercy Seat

1. Approach, my soul, the mercy-seat
Where Jesus answers prayer;
There humbly fall before His feet,
For none can perish there.

3. Bowed down beneath a load of sin,
By Satan sorely pressed,
By wars without and fears within,
I come to Thee for rest.

5. O wondrous Love, to bleed and die,
To bear the cross and shame,
That guilty sinners such as I
Might plead Thy gracious name!