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2024-02-08 ILC Chapel — Let God Be True, And…

2024 Chapels -
Let God Be True, And Every Man a Liar
Date : 2024-02-08
Speaker : John Pfeiffer
Psalm 116:1
I said in my haste, “All men are liars.”
Hymn: TLH 120, st. 5,4 : Help us, O Lord! Behold We Enter

5. Jesus, be with me and direct me;
Jesus, my plans and hopes inspire;
Jesus, from tempting thoughts protect me;
Jesus, be all my heart’s Desire;
Jesus, be in my thoughts all day
Nor suffer me to fall away.

4. And may this year to me be holy;
Thy grace so fill my every thought
That all my life be pure and lowly
And truthful, as a Christian’s ought.
So make me while yet dwelling here
Pious and blest from year to year.