Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, and Seminary
Eau Claire, WI

DB Tuesday, 11/26


This day of great thanksgiving we count them one by one:

Our free and fruitful country, the great things you have done,

Our family, our loved ones, the guardian angels’ care,

Our very self and heartbeat – Lord, hear our thankful prayer! – CW 615 v.2


Lunch Today: Chicken Patties

Supper: Leftovers



Schedule Change: Tuesday–all classes will meet as scheduled until the end of the school day at 2:50 pm, at which time the Thanksgiving break will begin. There will not be chapel or study hall this evening; it is an off-campus free night. Resident students staying Tuesday night should be in the dorm by 9:50 pm. No classes will meet in any of the departments Wednesday. The dorms will close at 6:00 pm on Wednesday and reopen on Sunday at noon. The first meal served will be supper that night, but there will not be study hall or chapel. Dorm sign in is at 9:50 pm. Classes resume with first hour Monday morning at 7:40 am.

Kitchen Workers: If you are going to be on campus tonight, please pitch in to help getting supper served and cleaned up in place of those who have left early. Thank you!

Campus Parking During Upcoming Break: If you are leaving or parking a vehicle on campus over the upcoming break please park your vehicle in the north row of the upper lot (row closest to the road by the pole and fire hydrant) if that row is filled up, use the lower lot east row (row by road coming down the hill). Thank You!

Lost & Found IOUs need to be paid by Ian Behlmer, Ryan Lang, Hannah Ohlmann and Paul Schierenbeck.




Girls Var Boys JV/C Boys

Tue, 11/26

Cornell – A

Lv. 4:15

Cornell – A

Lv. 4:15

Cornell – A

Lv. 4:15

Sun, 12/1 7:00-9:00 5:30-7:20




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