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School News 10/24/22

Whoever corrects a mocker invites insults;
whoever rebukes the wicked incurs abuse. – Proverbs 9:7


Week 2  Lunch/Supper
 Monday   Teriyaki Chicken/Walking Tacos
 Tuesday  Lasagna/Breakfast for Supper
 Wednesday  Soup & Sandwich/Pulled Pork Sandwiches
 Thursday   Chicken Patties/Shrimp Poppers & Mac n’ Cheese
 Friday   Chicken Penne Italiano/Leftovers


Boys’ Basketball Meeting at 3:15pm in AC122.


Cross Country: Remember to turn your uniforms in to Steve or the office. And let Steve know if you will NOT be able to come to the state meet with us on Saturday.


ATTENTION! The dishwasher is down! We are waiting on parts. Until then we will be using paper plates and bowls, and plastic utensils until it is fixed. PLEASE only take the utensils that you need for your meal. Don’t take a spoon or knife if you don’t need it. For weekday LUNCH only: if you feel you don’t need a tray to carry your food please do not take one! If you do take a tray please do NOT put food on it (i.e. peanut butter, cottage cheese, fruit) use your plate/bowl. Thanks for your patience and help.


Puzzle Me This! This semester’s photo competition is called “Puzzle Me This!” If you are a puzzle-maker, you know a scene that would make a good puzzle (if you don’t, go online and look at a bunch of puzzles). This first semester we’re asking you to take photos of outdoor scenes from around campus that would make a good puzzle. Please don’t recycle an old shot; we’d like all new photos taken this year. Also, don’t photo edit your shots since we want everyone on the same playing field (not everyone knows photo editing software).

Email up to three entries to by November 22. That will give us time to get the puzzles created and maybe offer them to others who might want them for Christmas presents (I’m anticipating some great pics). The first three places will receive a free puzzle of their photoFirst place will also get their photo on the wall along with winners from previous yearsDon’t Wait! Get clicking today!


CC Report: The sun came out just in time for our cross-country team to finish out the season at the WIAA Sectional Meet at Cadott. I was a little too warm for fast times, but our runners all pushed themselves to the limit and ran their hearts out. Our boys team finished 10th in the section out of 18 complete teams. Complete results are posted at

Congratulations to Micah Fossum for his 5th place finish, which means he’s NOT done – he qualified and will represent Immanuel in the WIAA State Meet next Saturday (10/29) in Wisconsin Rapids! His race is at 2:00 at The Ridges Golf Course. Tickets are $9 and must be purchased in advance online through the WIAA at

A special THANK YOU to all the fans who came out today, and throughout the season in good and bad weather. It really means a lot to our runners when they get your support!


This week’s CC schedule (10/24 – 10/28)

Mon –    4:00

Tues –    4:00

Wed –    4:00

Thur –    4:00

Frid –     3:00

Sat –       Leave 8:30am for State Meet at The Ridges in Wisconsin Rapids


Is There a Doctor in the House? Rehearsal Schedule




Mon, Oct. 24




Tues, Oct. 25


Pages 1-20

 Tom, Widow, Hepzibah, Mayor, Blossom, Lucy, Sheriff, Lester, Preacher, Otis, Pillpurge

Wed, Oct. 26


Pages 20-40

 Cornsilk, Cornstarch, Marjorie, Snag, Lester, Sheriff, Tom, Widow, Blossom, Strict, PUPILS, Hepzibah, Mayor, Pillpurge, Abracadabra, Princess, (Lucy) 

Thur, Oct. 27


Pages 40-60


Sun, Oct 30


Pages 1-20

Tom, Widow, Hepzibah, Mayor, Blossom, Lucy, Sheriff, Lester, Preacher, Otis, Pillpurge


Dean’s Office Lost & Found Redemption Countdown

There are many items in the Dean’s Office Lost & Found. This will be a final opportunity for students to reclaim lost items before they are donated to a charitable organization. Please note the following schedule and costs:

Monday $0.25
Tuesday $0.50
Wednesday $0.75
Thursday $1.00
Friday $1.25

On Friday, October 28, all items in Prof. Weis’ Lost & Found will be available to anyone for purchase. All remaining items will be donated to a charitable organization. So, please stop by the Dean’s Office ASAP this week and reclaim your lost itemsHURRY! HURRY! HURRY!




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