Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, and Seminary
Eau Claire, WI

School News 2/20/23

There is no one holy like the Lord;
    there is no one besides you;
    there is no Rock like our God. – 1 Samuel 2:2


Week 2

 Monday   Hot Ham & Swiss/Walking Tacos
 Tuesday  Teriyaki Chicken/Breakfast for Supper
 Wednesday  Lasagna/Pulled Pork Sandwich
 Thursday   Chicken Patties/Shrimp Poppers
 Friday   Swedish Meatballs/Leftovers
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Today’s Schedule:  Due to the home basketball games this evening, February 20, ILHS Lancers versus Mondovi High School, the following afternoon schedule applies:

  • Early study hall at 3:00 PM.
  • In-dorm chapels.
  • Early supper at 4:45 PM.
  • Off-campus free night, with students back in the dorms by 9:50 PM.
  • All sign-out and sign-in procedures apply.  Go Lancers!

Men’s Choir practice tonight 8:00-9:00pm.


Miniclasses 2023: I’m sending a huge shout out to the entire Immanuel family for a great “Mini Classes 2023” none of which could have happened without tremendous support.

  • The students were great, cooperating with signups, attendance, and behavior in classes.
  • Faculty and Staff supervised and transported students to venues and back.
  • Volunteers, Faculty, and Staff presented a large variety of classes (68 in total).
  • The GBO Office for collecting forms and student fees.
  • The Facilities Manager made sure our transportation was all functioning properly and ready to roll.

And of course, a big thank you to the Mini Class Team, many of whom spent hours planning and “sweating the details” to make things happen this year: Caleb, Alex, Aly, Abbey, Madison, Blake, Andy, Noah, and George. If you see them, thank them. Take some time to see the results of their efforts here. Juniors, start planning for next year!

Thanks again to all for a successful Miniclasses 2023!

In His service,

Prof. Ross Roehl


Weekly Winter Workouts: Spring is almost here! Come have some fun (and a little bit of exercise) TODAY at 4:00 in AC121!


Basketball Practice Schedule

Girls V Girls JV Boys V Boys JV/C
Mon, 2/20 3:00-4:30 Off Mondovi (H)


Mondovi (H)

JV 6:00, C: 4:30

Tues, 2/21

TBD Attend Game 3:00-4:15 4:00-5:00
 Wed, 2/22 3:00 Chalk Talk 3:00-4:00


Thur, 2/23

3:00-4:30 Lincoln (H)

Senior Night


Lincoln (H)

JV 6:00, C: 4:30

 Fri, 2/24 TBD 3:00-4:30

Sat, 2/25

TBD 3:00-4:30
 Sun, 2/26



Play Rehearsal Schedule


 Time   What   Who 
Mon, 2/20


Various Scenes Chris, Theo, Turtle, Doug, Denton, Mr. Hoo, Grace, Otis, Sandy

 Tues, 2/21 


Various Scenes

Sydelle, Angela, Theo, Denton, Turtle, Grace, Flora, Crow, Guests 1-3

 Wed, 2/22 

No Practice

 Thur, 2/23 


Various Scenes

Sandy, Ford, Turtle, Otis

Sun, 2/26


Westing House Scenes




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Activities Calendar

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