Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, and Seminary
Eau Claire, WI

School News 3/23/21

“Come, let us return to the LORD. He has torn us to pieces but he will heal us; he has injured us but he will bind up our wounds. After two days he will revive us; on the third day he will restore us, that we may live in his presence. – Hosea 6:1-2


Lunch Today – Popcorn Chicken

Supper – Tatertot Hotdish

Lunch Tomorrow – Baked Ziti w/Meatballs


~Watch today’s Chapel Address


No Mass Choir today:  High School students, please report to Study Hall.

9th Grade: 111

10th Grade: 134

11th Grade: Dining Hall

12th Grade: Library


Supper Time Change Reminder: Supper time will always be 4:45 pm, with the exception of Saturday which will remain its normal 4:30 pm. Early supper time of 4:45 pm will allow for our supper cooks to participate in spring sports.


Spring Sports Athletes: If rainy conditions force your team to practice indoors, below is the default weekday schedule. (Watch the announcements if it’s a church day.):

3:00-Softball, 4:00-Varsity BB, 5:00-JV BB, 6:00-Track





 V Baseball   JV Baseball   Track & Field 
Tuesday, 3/23 3:00 3:00 out/4:00 gym  4:30 out/5:00 gym

6:00-7:30 gym

Wednesday, 3/24

3:00 3:00 out/4:00 gym  4:30 out/5:00 gym Off
Thursday, 3/25 3:00 3:00 out/4:00 gym  4:30 out/5:00 gym

5:45-7:15 out

Friday, 3/26

3:00  3:00 out/4:00 gym  4:30 out/5:00 gym Off
Saturday, 3/27 3:00  3:00 out/4:00 gym  4:30 out/5:00 gym

8:00-10:00 out

Sunday, 3/28

3:00  3:00 out/4:00 gym  4:30 out/5:00 gym

5:45-7:15 out




Time What Whom
Tues, 3/23 3:00-4:20 Act 3, Parts of Act 2

Mrs. Wiggs, Asia, Australia, Billy, Miss Hazy, Dick, Bonita, Miss Lucy, Flint, Robert, Serafina, Stranger

Thur, 3/25

5:00-6:30 Act 1 – Act 2

Asia, Australia, Europena, Flint, Mrs. Wiggs, Miss Hazy, Serafina, Miss Lucy, Robert, Billy, Belle, Dick, Bonita



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