Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, and Seminary
Eau Claire, WI

School News 3/28/22

Remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins. – James 5:20


Week 4Lunch/Supper
 Monday  Chicken Cordon Bleu/Personal Pan Pizza
 Tuesday  Spaghetti Pizza/Chicken Patties
 Wednesday  BBQ Meatballs/Hamburgers
 Thursday  Chili & Salad/Tater Tot Hotdish 
 Friday  Swedish Meatballs/Leftovers 


Tour Choirwill meet this week as regularly scheduled to prepare for the recording session on Wednesday night.


Geometry ACT Help Session in AC111 at 12:30 pm.


Activities Committee meeting in AC111 at 2:55 pm.


Early Supper Begins Today! (See below)


Lent Service Wednesday at 6:30 pm at Messiah. Bus leaves at 6:05 pm.


BUNCO Night is coming to you this Friday in the Commons Lounge beginning at 8:00 pm! Don’t miss it!!


The Regional Solo and Ensemble Music Festival will be held on Saturday at Fall Creek High School from 8:00am-4:00pm. The performance times for Immanuel’s musicians will be shared when available.


The ACT will be conducted this Saturday.


Beginning today, March 28, and continuing through the remainder of the year, supper will be at 4:45 pm every day except Saturday, which will remain at 4:30 pm. This change is to accommodate various Spring activities.


Student Workers: come pick up your paychecks in the office!


Practice Schedule

 Softball  Baseball Track Robotics
Monday, 3/284:30-6:00 3:00-4:30 6:00-7:308:00-9:30
Tuesday, 3/294:30-6:00 3:00-4:30 6:00-7:308:00-9:30
 Wednesday, 3/30Off3:00-4:004:00-5:008:00-9:30
Thursday, 3/31 Pepin/Alma (ILHS) 


 3:00-4:30 6:00-7:308:00-9:30
Friday, 4/1

Augusta (A)

Lv. 3:25

 3:00-4:30 Off8:00-9:30
 Saturday, 4/2  9:00-10:30a Thorp (A) 

Lv. 1:15

 Sunday, 4/3Off 6:00-7:30p


Rehearsal Schedule

 Time What? Whom?
Mon, 3/28 3:00-4:30 Act 3 Father, Mother, Betty, Bud, Kathy, Ralph, Patty, Brinkworth
 Tues, 3/29 3:00-4:30 Act 1 Ramona, Janie, Betty, Father, Mother, Bud, Kathy
 Wed, 3/30 3:00-4:30 Act 2, Scene 1 Father, Mother, Betty, Bud, Kathy, Ralph, Patty, Brinkworth, Repair Man
 Thur, 3/31 3:00-4:30 Act 2, Scene 2 Everyone
Sun, 4/3 4:00-5:45 Speed Through Everyone



Athletic Calendar

Activities Calendar

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