Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, and Seminary
Eau Claire, WI

School News 5/13/24

Teach me to do Your will, For You are my God; Let Your good Spirit lead me on level ground. – Psalm 143:10

 Monday  Cajun Pasta w/Shrimp or Chicken/Sausage Egg McMuffin
 Tuesday  Baked Ziti w/Meatballs/McRibs
 Wednesday  Chick-Fil-A/Italian Hotdish
 Thursday   French Bread or Stuffed Crust Pizza/Leftovers
 Friday   Country Fried Steak/Little Caesar’s Pizza
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Gym Use, Practice Schedule and More!
You must sign up for ALL meals during finals….ONLY if you WILL be eating here.  There is NO Breakfast on the Go (Tues – Fri). Breakfast is at 7:00am. 
In His Word college-age Bible study will meet Tuesday at 9:00pm in the Davies Center lounge area on the UWEC campus. Join us and bring a friend!Your slide for Class Day is due on Wednesday!

Class Day begins at 3:00pm on Friday in the gym.

Spring Concert  Those involved should arrive at Messiah by 6:30pm on Friday. Concert begins at 7:30pm.

Graduation will begin at 10:00am on Saturday in the gym.


Finals Schedules are available on the credenza outside the office and here.

Did you remember to GET OFF WORK for finals week choir rehearsals and the concert Friday night!?! If not, start finding someone to cover your shift!

Volleyball & Girls Basketball Camp sign up is available here on the ILC website. This is for grades 5-12 and will be held at Immanuel in June (BB) and July (VB). Registration deadlines are May 15th for BB and July 1st for VB.

Commons Lost & Found: Graduation is almost here. Your opportunity to reclaim lost items in the Dean’s Lost & Found Department is almost over. During the last week of school, the price to reclaim lost items will increase by twenty-five cents per day.

Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri
25¢ 50¢ 75¢ $1.00 $1.25
On Friday, May 17, all items remaining in the Dean’s Lost & Found will be available for purchase by anyone at a cost of $1.25 per item. On Monday, May 20, remaining items will be collected and given to the ILC Business Office for donation to a local charitable organization. HURRY…HURRY…HURRY!

Bike Owners A reminder to all students with bikes on campus: All bikes must be removed from campus during the summer; those not removed will be forfeited and/or disposed of. Thank you for your cooperation!

Fob and key return at the end of the school year:
·         Resident Dorm Students please turn in your dorm room key and fob to your Dorm Supervisor before you leave for home.
·         Town Students please turn in your fob at the AC office before you leave for summer vacation.
·         All fobs and keys not returned will be charged a fee to your student account.

Athletic Schedule
V BBall JV Bball V SB JV SB  Track & Field 
Mon, 5/13  Bloomer (A)
Lv. 3:30
 Bloomer (A)
Lv. 3:30
Lv. 3:45
5:00-7:30 3:15-4:45 ILC
 Tues, 5/14   Indy/Gilmanton (H) 
Lv. 6:30
5:00-7:30  Indy/Gilmanton (H) 
Lv. 3:45
5:00-7:30 6:00-7:30 ILC
Wed, 5/15 3:00-5:00 5:00-7:30 3:00-5:00 5:00-7:30 6:00-7:30 MHS
Thur, 5/16  Indy/Gilmanton (A) 
Lv. 4:45
5:00-7:30  Alma/Pepin (H) 
Lv. 4:30
5:00-7:30 6:00-7:30 ILC
Fri, 5/17 3:00-5:00 5:00-7:30 3:00-5:00 5:00-7:30 Off
Track & Field:
Sun,   5/19  –  6:00-7:30 at MHS
Mon,  5/20   –  Leave 2:25 for 4:00 Regional meet @ Colfax HS

Athletic Calendar

Activities Calendar

Wellness Policy