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School News 5/9/23

Do not be arrogant, but associate with the humble. Do not think too highly of yourselves. Do not pay anyone back evil for evil. Focus on those things that everyone considers noble. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, maintain peace with everyone. – Romans 12:16b-18


Week 3

 Tuesday  Orange Chicken/Mini Corn Dogs
 Wednesday  Meatball Subs/Burrito Bowls
 Thursday   Beef Stroganoff/Sausage & Egg McMuffin
 Friday   Field Day Cookout/Leftovers

Link to Google Classroom           Audio SB and BB Broadcasts

Early Dismissal for Track & Field on Tuesday and Thursday so you can get to your meets on time.
Senior Class Trip on Wednesday.
Field Day is this Friday! Get your sign-up sheets filled out and start training! 😉

The Field Day Cookout on Friday is still a regular meal that non-dorm residents need a lunch ticket to eat. You can buy one in the office, but remember- we cannot charge anything to your bill in May. Cash/check only.

Puzzle Me This Photo Contest: Quite a number of entries have come in, but when the deadline of May 1 was set for this round of the Photo Contest, consideration of Field Day was not made. With Field Day coming up Friday, the decision was made to extend the deadline to this Saturday morning to allow entries from events on Friday since that fits our theme of representing the Immanuel family.

After Banquet portraits taken by Mike Brandle are available here for you to view and download for free! Thank you, Mike, for providing these for the students!!

Finals Schedules are available on the credenza outside the office. Remember to get off work for choir rehearsal if you haven’t already!!

Lost & Found in Prof. Weis’ office: I will be in my office over the lunch period every day. Please stop by and reclaim your lost items. The cost is $0.25/item.


SB & BB Schedules


Games (rSchool)

Games (with leave times): VBB ~ JVBB ~ SB

Track & Field Schedule

Tues, 5/9

Mondovi HS

Lv. 2:45

Wed, 5/10


Thur, 5/11

Mel-Min HS

Lv. 1:50

Fri, 5/12


Sat, 5/13

8:00-10:00 Memorial

Sun, 5/14

5:30-7:00 Memorial

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