In the fall of 2018, Messiah Area B Bible class group began hosting a special study of C.F.W. Walther's seminal work, "The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel." Generations of Lutherans have found inspiration and edification in this vital book. Professor Paul Naumann has been leading the study, currently meeting on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. in the Academic Center Library on the Immanuel College campus. Anyone interested is invited to attend. Students are asked to print out and complete the Student Handout below prior to each class. If you don't have a copy of the book, you can also read online (or print out and read) the text of each evening lecture given below; the page numbers referenced in the text and handouts are accurate for both the 1928 edition (black cover) or 1986 edition (blue cover). Videos of the classes themselves will be added as they occur.
DateEvening Lecture NumberText from the Book (link)Student Handout (link)Video of the Class (link)PowerPoint
9/23/2018(introduction to C.F.W. Walther)Walther Intro Video00 PowerPoint
10/7/2018First Evening Lecture01TEXT01HANDOUT01 Class Video01 PowerPoint
10/21/2018Second Evening Lecture02TEXT02HANDOUT02 Class Video02 PowerPoint
10/29/2018Third Evening Lecture03TEXT03HANDOUT03 Class Video03 PowerPoint
11/4/2018Fourth Evening Lecture04TEXT04HANDOUTsorry, video not available 🙁04 PowerPoint
11/18/2018Fifth Evening Lecture05TEXT05HANDOUT05 Class Video05 PowerPoint
11/25/2018Sixth Evening Lecture06TEXT06HANDOUT06 Class Video06 PowerPoint
12/2/2018Seventh Evening Lecture07TEXT07HANDOUT07 Class Video07 PowerPoint
12/16/2018Eighth Evening Lecture08TEXT08HANDOUT08 Class Video08 PowerPoint
12/23/2018Ninth Evening Lecture09TEXT09HANDOUT09 Class Video09 PowerPoint
12/30/2018Tenth Evening Lecture10TEXT10HANDOUT10 Class Video10 PowerPoint
1/6/2019Eleventh Evening Lecture11TEXT11HANDOUT11 Class Video11 PowerPoint
1/13/2019Twelfth Evening Lecture12TEXT12HANDOUT12 Class Video12 PowerPoint
1/20/2019Thirteenth Evening Lecture13TEXT13HANDOUT13 Class Video13 PowerPoint
2/3/2019Fourteenth Evening Lecture14TEXT14HANDOUT14 Class Video14 PowerPoint
2/17/2019Fifteenth Evening Lecture15TEXT15HANDOUT15 Class Video15 PowerPoint
3/3/2019Sixteenth Evening Lecture16TEXT16HANDOUT16 Class Video16 PowerPoint
3/17/2019Seventeenth Evening Lecture17TEXT17HANDOUT17 Class Video17 PowerPoint
3/24/2019Eighteenth Evening Lecture18TEXT18HANDOUT18 Class Video18 PowerPoint
3/31/2019Nineteenth Evening Lecture19TEXT19HANDOUT19 Class Video19 PowerPoint
4/7/2019Twentieth Evening Lecture20TEXT20HANDOUT20 Class Video20 PowerPoint
4/28/2019Twenty-First Evening Lecture21TEXT21HANDOUT21 Class Video21 PowerPoint
5/5/2019Twenty-Second Evening Lecture22TEXT22HANDOUT22 Class Video22 PowerPoint
9/15/2019Twenty-Third Evening Lecture23TEXT23HANDOUT23 Class Video23 PowerPoint
9/25/2019Twenty-Fourth Evening Lecture24TEXT24HANDOUT24 Class Video24 PowerPoint
10/2/2019Twenty-Fifth Evening Lecture25TEXT25HANDOUT25 Class Video25 PowerPoint
10/9/2019Twenty-Sixth Evening Lecture26TEXT26HANDOUT26 Class Video26 PowerPoint
10/16/2019Twenty-Seventh Evening Lecture27TEXT27HANDOUT27 Class Video27 PowerPoint
10/23/2019Twenty-Eighth Evening Lecture28TEXT28HANDOUT28 Class Video28 PowerPoint
10/30/2019Twenty-Ninth Evening Lecture29TEXT29HANDOUT29 Class Video29 PowerPoint
11/6/2019Thirtieth Evening Lecture30TEXT30HANDOUT30 Class Video30 PowerPoint
11/13/2019Thirty-First Evening Lecture31TEXT31HANDOUT31 Class Video31 PowerPoint
11/20/2019Thirty-Second Evening Lecture32TEXT32HANDOUT32 Class Video32 PowerPoint
Thirty-Third Evening Lecture33TEXT33HANDOUT33 PowerPoint
Thirty-Fourth Evening Lecture34TEXT34HANDOUT34 PowerPoint
Thirty-Fifth Evening Lecture35TEXT35HANDOUT35 PowerPoint
Thirty-Sixth Evening Lecture36TEXT36HANDOUT36 PowerPoint
Thirty-Seventh Evening Lecture37TEXT37HANDOUT37 PowerPoint
Thirty-Eighth Evening Lecture38TEXT38HANDOUT38 PowerPoint
Thirty-Ninth Evening Lecture39TEXT39HANDOUT39 PowerPoint